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September 28th, 2023 @ Sunset Cove, Portsmouth RI

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Join us for this very special FOUNDERS’ SOCIAL to kick off RI Startup Week! 


Rhode Island Startup Founders and Friends will have the opportunity connect with peers and strengthen relationships, as well as meet new people within the startup community. 


Come share your entrepreneurial journey, challenges you have faced, and lessons learned along the way. There will also be an opportunity to exchange ideas, seek advice from one another, and explore potential collaborations or partnerships. 

About the Organizers

The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Rhode Island. 


The Chamber offers a Founders’ Dinner Program that starts in January and lasts for the full year. 

Founders’ Dinners are a place where startup founders in tech industries come together to share, learn, and connect. As a member of our Founders Dinners Program, participants meet bi- monthly for two hours over dinner at Innovate Newport with the same group of 10 peers. These growth-oriented founders share – in a completely confidential setting – the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, and how it impacts both their professional and personal lifestyles. Each dinner is comprised of the Founders and a Guest Mentor, who leads a discussion on a specific monthly topic. For more information, contact Mollie Frazer Williams; 


Founders & Friends is the stable "Nightlife" and "Social" event organization for founders, investors, and everyone in the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Rhode Island. 

Why Should You Go?

1. Enjoy great drinks and bites with an exclusive group of Investors, Founders, and industry leaders in Rhode Island

2. Start the party one night early for Startup Week 2023!


Come Join Us

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